Quitting is not just for losers anymore, which runs contrary to the opinion of my dad.  No, no, no, I feel comfortable declaring that quitting is for everyone and anyone, without discretion.  It’s healthy to quit things and highly recommended by this weathered old traveler of life.  I guess I’ve always been a quitter at heart but so often meddlesome family members or friends intervened with their good intentions and well-wishing.  “Of course you can’t quit the swim team”, my mom explained after watching me splash and splutter through a meet in which I finished a soggy last.   After tripping over every hurdle at a track meet, I dragged my aching body and bruised ego over to my dad, he said “I know you want to quit because that didn’t go so well, but you can’t.  You’ve got the stuff winners are made from; you just have to keep at it.” The good advice followed me into adulthood, weighing heavy on my own decisions and happiness.  I worked my way up to a good paying job in insurance with benefits, invested in a 401k, went in early and stayed late because that is what potential winners do until they’ve made it, right?  “Puney Bones, you can’t quit that job.  You’ll never make that kind of money again.  You know the kind of people who quit jobs like that don’t you?” my most helpful advisors advised.  I heard what they were really saying, and it was loud and clear, quitting is for losers.  It was around that time that I decided to officially become a quitter and shed the things that I most hated, as I wish I could have done twenty years earlier.  I’m a much better quitter now than I was when I first started, I quit bad friendships and habits, rotten jobs and people.  Surprisingly enough, even with all of this quitting and fear of what I might become, I’m not a loser.  I’m liberated.

2 thoughts on “Quitting: not just for losers

  1. Hey Bones-
    I think as we get older, we become better quitters. You must be middle aged to have come to this truth that quitting ain’t for the young of heart, as they don’t know any better. If they did we would have a lot more quitters on our hands.
    It is better to be a late quitter in life rather than an early one; it does build some character.

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