A Small Drama


Standing on tiptoes to peer through the barred window, two little people were spied sitting side by side on a wooden bench completely lip-locked.  Their feet dangled as they kissed without a concern about being caught even though they were at work.  The man’s stubby arm was wrapped protectively around the woman’s tiny shoulders.  Smoothing the hair back from her ear with his free hand, he leaned over and whispered something into her little ear.

The window fogged where the voyeur watched and had to be cleared with gloved fingertips.

Peering back through the window, the little woman had a shocked and angry look on her face.   The man leered at her with yellow eyes and a mouthful of crooked teeth.  With a surprising force, she slapped the smile from his face, hopped down from the bench and assumed her full height with pride before tottering off in her orthopedic shoes.


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