It’s cold and crummy here, yet everyone continues to rave over the leaves.  It’s as though the reds, yellows, and oranges are incredible enough to replace the light and warmth, formerly provided by the sun.  The leaves are nice, but a poor substitute for a sun-worshipper, like myself.

We talk about the weather on a daily basis because there is little else of mutual interest, aside from the latest performance of the Colts and construction on the interstates.  I have a dream of a place where people have more than football and ‘was that rain or snow’ discussions for mental stimulation.  It’s a wonderful place, in this dream, where the people are open-minded, cooperative, and creative.  It’s warm and sunny and only rains enough for the grass to stay green and for the fruit trees to blossom.  Somewhere out there, I have this gut feeling that such a place exists but I have yet to find it.

Back in reality, there is a single and solitary redeeming benefit to life in Indiana during October: pumpkin beer.  The mere thought of a glass of freshly tapped pumpkin beer with a brown sugar dipped rim is the only thing able to pull me forward through the drudgery of this week.

Perhaps I am feeling a little bitter at the loss of summer, shorts and greenery; and I need to get a better grasp on the actuality of seasons in the Midwest.  This is how it’s always been and always will be because the weather, like the friendly folks of the state, refuses to change for better or worse.

In any event, cheers to the weekend and taking pleasure out of the small things.

Drink a pumpkin beer this weekend and think of your friend in Indiana, dreaming of someplace warm and sunny out there.

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