Sharing a set of hearing aids between an old couple who can’t hear anyways

A nearly blind wife making her own extra absorbent pads for her incontinent husband

Buying an extra quart of ice cream so a demented wife who refuses to wear her dentures has something soft enough to eat that she likes

Being a demented wife who refuses to wear dentures but shares her ice cream with the husband who just bought it for her

Understanding when your kids steal your narcotics because they have pain, too

Not always filing a police report

Keeping a terrible cat that smells, vomits hairballs and your husband hates

Watching out the window for your social worker to make sure they make it to their car

Spending hours on a dinner that is eaten in a few minutes

Letting your wife blog away the evening hours without too much of a complaint

Love is confusing, between people and things

Thoughts and actions

And sometimes, just sometimes

It’s the only thing that makes any sense

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