Searching for the sky


Speaking hesitantly and unsure, the young woman sat on the edge of the hospital bed and began to nervously twirl her hair.  She wore a name tag and sensible flat shoes, trying to look the part of a social worker.  However, her smooth face and lack of confidence exposed the truth; she was still a little girl playing dress up.

There was urgency in her voice, an insistent impatience that came through as a whine when she spoke to the occupant of the bed.

An older, slender woman with a braid of thick, silver hair lay motionless on the bed, unresponsive to the visitor perched next to her.  Her face was of the classical kind of beauty that had enhanced with time and from a life of happiness.  The deep laugh lines around her mouth and eyes told of years spent far from the sterile confines of a hospital room. 

Deep blue drops of some gemstone hung from her small earlobes and exquisite rings of diamonds and gold adorned the fingers of both hands.  Her thin brown arms were folded across her chest, with a paper-thin sheet pulled up over the rest of her body.  She pursed her lips and turned her head towards the window.    

“Can you tell me your name?” the young woman pleaded. “It’s important so we can tell your family where you are.  Don’t you think someone is looking for you?”

The young woman had been sent in with a job to do, her first assignment, in fact, and she was failing.  She thought back to her job search in silent frustration and the other options that she might pursue, like fashion design or accounting.  This really isn’t for me, she thought.   

The older woman said nothing and continued to stare out the window, her deep brown eyes searching for the sky.  


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  1. bluemoth13
    Nov 17, 2013 @ 23:11:22

    Sometimes there is nothing to say.


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