Things where they don’t belong


Would you like to read a short story about things where they don’t belong, reader?

It’s a truly short story without much of a beginning, middle, or end but it won’t take much of your time.  As you will find from reading my blog, eavesdropping almost always pays off.

If you are still reading, you soon will reap the colorful benefits as I did a few hours ago from a bit of “overhearing.”

Ok, if you are still there, it’s time.

Two women spoke to each other quietly across the table when I came into the room and sat down, looking too busy to listen to their chatter.

“She’s doing really well, in fact,” the blond said, shuffling papers from one pile to another.

A brunette sat across the table and flipped through her i-phone and asked, “Anymore gummy bears in her g-tube?” (gastronomy tube, aka “feeding tube”)

“No,” the blond replied. “No more gummy bears, but she did have another incident.  She had to have a scoop of kitty litter removed this time.  She said she was taking a bath and her cat fell into the tub and that’s how the litter got there.”

“Oh, of course,” the brunette said with a very serious face as she studied the screen of her phone, “that seems quite natural.”

Yes, I thought, natural like flowers in spring and birds in the sky.  Gummy bears and kitty litter in one’s g-tube, instead of Ensure or Boost, must be quite natural.


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  1. under-my-quilt
    Nov 19, 2013 @ 04:45:06

    Lovely 🙂


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