Sitting side by side in rocking chairs, the pair of old women slowly creaked back and forth.

A breeze blew across the porch and rustled the green tendrils that crept over the edge of the hanging basket.

“So why did you say she never had kids?” one woman asked the other, as she stared out over the empty parking lot.

Without breaking the rhythm of her rocking, the other woman explained, “Said there were already too many unwanted ones in this world to justify it.”

The first woman nodded her head, “Sounds about right.”

Her eyelids dropped over her bleary grey eyes and her chair slowly stopped and her head fell forwards onto her chest.

She dozed off and out of the conversation.

Meanwhile, her companion was left to rock alone and imagine the grandchildren who would never visit.

2 thoughts on “Rocking Out

  1. Love this story. Nothing much appears to be happening, and yet it is. This ticks all the boxes for a good short story. 🙂


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