When a stray cat peers into your living room from the window

Shivering from cold and hunger

Don’t put out a dish of food every day

Just so you can pet her mangy head

After she eats and looks at you with big green eyes

Don’t instantly give your heart away

To the grungy, brown creature

That might be carrying fleas or rabies

When your husband discovers your new hobby

Don’t make him build you a cat shelter

Out of a cardboard box, old throw rug, and a Mylar blanket

Just in case she gets too cold overnight

When your inside cat throws herself relentlessly against the window

From which your outside cat peers in

Don’t chastise her for being naughty to her sister

Definitely don’t buy special, high protein snacks, like chicken breast or anchovies in oil,

To give your outside cat enough energy to get through the day

Or spend half a day at work surfing on-line

Learning how to transform your wild cat into fat and happy housecat

The very first and last thing not to do when dealing with a stray cat

Is to give her an adorable and fitting name

Because then you really will have to decide

What to do about Brownie

Other takes on dealing with strays: “What should I do if I find a stray.”

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