Sometimes instead of working…

Sometimes instead of working, I try to devise new inventions. 
Out of these hundreds of good ideas, it will just take one to take off to fund a life of leisure in the Florida Keys.  It doesn’t have to be a particularly brilliant idea.  No, this it just needs to be more useful and efficient than whatever thingamabob or doohickey already exists.  I’m thinking of Velcro, double sided tape, i-phone covers, cat-box deodorizers, and the reusable K-cup pod, for a few good, but not brilliant examples. 
The main problem with already invented inventions is that I’m not the inventor. To be honest, if I was the source of anything like the cake-in-a-jar or postcard app, it likely never would have left our apartment.  Like a diamond in the rough, it would have remained in a lined notebook, useless as a lump of coal in an energy efficient society.  Outlines and detailed explanations of how it might look and work would be left amidst scribbled poems and words to look up later.  Stains from a misplaced tea cup and dried droplets from a juicy apple eaten over the paper would be my inventor’s trademark by which I could identify my work.  Of course, I would need those identifiers in the event that the notebook ends up in the trash, a bum fishes it out of the dumpster, and goes from rags to riches with the outline of my invention. Not to worry, I’m sure the lucky dumpster diver would see the error in his plagiarizing ways and offer a fair share of his profits back to me.
I know I’m not alone in this fantasy of coming up with the next big thing.  It has a following like the Hoosier Lottery; you have to play to win and everyone wants to win.  I hear my friends and family frequently say, “If only I could have come up with that (insert the newest thing here), then I could go (insert awesome vacation/future retirement location here) or open my (insert imaginary business that will never happen here).”  These types of statement are not said out of jealousy or with bad intention towards the originator.  Rather, I think it comes from a place of regret and frustration at one’s self for not having had the insight or motivation to chase “it”, whatever it may be, down. 
There is one person I know who spends more time than I do at this abstract and intangible treasure hunt.  After being struck with inspiration, she called me last night to discuss her newest big idea.
“It’s like this place,” she began.  “Where people come together and they read something that I write and can leave comments.” 
It was sounding like something familiar, but I let her continue.
“I want to create this meeting place for people of like minds to come together to be inspired and to share their inspirations. I’m going to call it…..(dramatic pause)…. Inspired.”
It’s a blog, you are talking about a blog, I thought.
And then I kept thinking, this is how is all starts. 
It just takes one idea, a little luck and the motivation to do the necessary work to turn an idea into an invention good enough to pay for a life in the Keys.  It takes guts to be shot down, time to develop, and endurance to hang onto the vision.
Don’t worry B, we’ll get there soon enough.  In the meantime, I better get back to work.

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