As the snow continues to fall, I can’t help but to feel giddy at the prospect of a snow day. 

I have been alternating between peering out the window and checking my phone for a notification that my workplace is closed.  A snow day may mean two days worth of work on Thursday and a mess for the city workers to clean up, but it also means a day off in the middle of the week.  Unexpected and unplanned, a day to myself to read, write and maybe even build a snowwoman. 

Let’s see, a carrot for the nose, sticks for the arms, and my husband’s ratty old baseball cap for her otherwise bald head should complete her look. 

Any day to drink hot chocolate and sleep in, when I should be typing away in a grungy cubicle or gathering up paperwork for a home visit, is worth the hassle later in the week.

Please, declare a snow day, I beg of you, my generous non-profit employer-who-offers-few-other-benefits-aside-from-free-parking-and-coffee. It’s clear that the Universe wants us to take a break from our busy lives by delivering inch after inch of snow and not enough snow-plows to clear it. 

The Universe is sending a clear message, or really a cold and white one, to stay home for the day.

Why fight it?

4 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

  1. Did you see the comic strip with the snowman who’s eyes were burning? The snowman had coal for eyes! Ha ha
    Seriously, there is nothing better to rejuvenate one’s soul than the gift of an unexpected snow day. My wish for you is a snow day!

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