If you live anywhere in the Midwest and are preparing to get snowed in for the next big winter storm, grab The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri and get ready to hunker down.  Lahiri weaves a beautiful story of intense relationships driven by internal motivations that only you, the reader, are privy to knowing.  The characters struggle with themselves and each other as they deal with feelings of shame and regret, balanced with retribution and love.  

It begins with two boys from the same womb, who develop into two men of different countries, passions, and lives.  As the story moves forward, there are flashes into each of the characters’ history to pivotal moments that explain in just a scene or a few words how early the seeds were sown for the acts of the present.

The characters change in the most subtle and skillful way that as a reader I felt pushed along emotionally right along with them.  I found myself loving the characters, hating them, and then loving them again, all within a few hundred incredibly written pages.   The author brings the reader along with the characters for a journey through life and love. 

I highly recommend this book, not as a distraction from life, but as closer inspection of it through the colorful lens of Jhumpa Lahiri.  

Let me know your thoughts on it!  

Here’s a few links about the book and author.

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