Spring, the sweet thought of sunny days and green grass, the smell of fresh earth and the sound of chirping birds warms my heart. It brings a playful smile to my face and fills my heart with joy, only to be cut short by the insect invaders of our apartment.

Just this morning, I was about to step into the shower, blindly feeling my way without my glasses to assist, when I noticed a moving black line. I leaned closer and closer until the black line came into focus as an army of tiny ants marching bravely from out of a crack in the grout around the edge of the bathtub.

I admit, I over-reacted to the harmless little soldiers. I screamed in horror, despite being a thousand times bigger than all of the bugs put together and frantically swept the whole lot away and into the running water. The joy I felt with the gentle winds of spring was quickly replaced by guilt at the destruction that I caused. I single-handedly wiped out a colony of ants, possibly a very rare species that only lives in the walls of apartment bathrooms. Possibly a species that holds the key to cancer or some new pain killer to replace pills or potions, thoughtlessly exterminated by yours truly, for lack of a better plan. It was my natural reaction from fear to crush and destroy, to remove it from my mind, and pretend it never happened.

It did happen and I’m sorry, little ant nation. Next time, a multitude of ants swarm the tub, I hope to be rational and kind; perhaps to scoop them up and release them out the backdoor into Nature. Maybe I’ll do one better and capture them for an ant farm so they will be well fed and protected from predators and fear-driven women. In any case, I’ve been mourning your loss all day, ant nation, and now it’s time to move on, like the seasons of the year. I am back to welcoming Spring, a little sadder and wiser, but still grateful for the change.

One thought on “Goodbye ants

  1. As harsh as this sounds, you might have done the best thing.

    If you released them back into the wild and they are unable to find their nest, they are bound to die. The same would happend if you kept them to put in an ant farm. Unless you have a queen for them to return to, the ants won’t be able to survive for too long.

    I know, that was way more geek knowledge than you needed, but I did enjoy your story.


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