So you bought a house…

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
There’s so much I want to share with you. Over the past few weeks, my husband and I have found ourselves with a pair of kittens, a house, and a new set of mad skills involving the sewer. Skills like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you might ask.

Yes, these skills are similar in their versatility, but not quite as glamorous.

It all started when we noticed sludge water shooting from the sewer pressure valve into the front yard. Or was it when the bathtub and toileting starting backing up, end of the world, can’t-nothing-stop-what’s-about-to-happen style? In any case, that started and by the time it finished, my courageous spouse was ankle deep and most unhappy with the situation. He went to take a quick rinse off in the shower, only to discover the water was ice cold. We then learned all about where the pilot light should be lit from underneath of our water heater.

Over the course of a few days, we’ve met local plumbers, electrician and our neighbors. Most have offered the same helpful advice, “You should have had this checked out before you moved-in,” which we really appreciate.

It’s been a journey filled with dangerous perils, like raw sewage and cold showers, but we persevered. Now, we have rejoined the rest of the civilized world with heated water and flushing toilets. We might be bringing down the neighborhood with our wild cats and sewer issues, but we are loving every minute of being out of an apartment and finally in a home of our own.

Any other home-buying/owning disasters out there amongst you, fellow bloggers?? I’d love to hear a few if you’ve got the time.

Thanks for stopping by-


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