sun 3

Greetings Readers!

In the past few weeks, you might have wondered if old Bones wandered off and forgot her blog.

Perhaps you were reminded of the dry spell of early 2013 and started to worry.

Maybe a twinge of panic hit your stomach when you realized how long droughts last.

A desperate question entered your head as you briefly considered that this might be the end of another blog.

Will we ever see another post from Puney?

Worry no longer, dear readers. I am back and here to put your curious minds to rest.

I’ve been spending time in the land of sun and skinny people, California, with the Mister.

The cats stayed behind to watch the house and water the houseplants.

It was a glorious time of hiking, drinking, eating and other adventure that can’t be discussed due to a non-disclosure agreement.

Now, back to reality, rested and recharged.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts that are certain to surprise and delight.

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