“There’s another rattlesnake down here,” Daddy Longlegs yelled.

I was on the porch, swinging with Baby and mindlessly watching the clouds move and change in the sky, when Little Legs was suddenly hoisted up the porch steps and dropped off.

He ran over to me, whimpering, with a furrowed brow.

“Sssss…” he said and pointed in the direction of his retreating father.

“What happened?” I asked.

He held his arms up, insistent on taking his place next to me on the swing. He gave a mean look to his brother in my lap, which was his preferred seat, and tried to make both of us move with a push.  

“Sssss…” he explained and pointed again.

If he had a better grasp of language, he might have said, “Daddy and I found a den of rattlesnakes.”  

In this moment, I felt better knowing less.

“Are you trying to say Snack?”

He gave me a mean look this time. He obviously wasn’t trying to say anything other than snake.

There are so many dangers in our immediate environment, not to mention the world at large. Its hard not to hyperventilate just thinking about keeping my boys safe when they are surrounded by so many dangerous biting and blood sucking creatures, and that is just in politics.   

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