Music class.

It is supposed to be a joyful celebration of time together, just the two of us, snuggling, clapping, singing and dancing in a half-circle with other moms and their babes. Instead, it has become a battle ground of the wills with boundary pushing and general naughtiness unique to the toddler demographic.

Last Tuesday, Little Legs sat in my lap for half a second before bouncing up and into the center of the group to start twirling into a dizzy delirium. Then he dashed off for the Christmas tree in the corner to pull the ornaments off, one by one.

“Grabby,” he explained.

I whispered, “No, no,” into his ear as I ushered him back to our spot to shake a tambourine while another toddler boy got loose and ran behind the curtain that separated the room into two.

Inspired by the dash of freedom, Little Legs undertook the same trip. He sprang to his feet from my lap and darted for the curtain, wrapping himself in it.

“Mama, hide.”

“I can see you baby, and this is not the time to hide.”

He peeked out with one eye to see the other toddler boy race across the room, with his mama in hot pursuit and of course, he made the same mad sprint.

This repeated itself no less than twelve times.

Another mother tried to intervene on my behalf by grabbing Little Legs, he escaped, and she said, to my horror, “I’ll get him next time for you.”

The threat of time-out beaded up and dropped away like rain on the wing of a bird. Spanking was not an option and yelling would reveal my true nature as a crazy, stressed out mother which would not do anyone any good.

I chased my Wilding around the room until the end of class. At the end of that long hour, I gathered Little Legs up in my arms and gave him a big squeeze because last Tuesday was the last music class.

We are going back into lockdown and will figure out how to act in public once we re-emerge, hopefully sometime in Spring.

18 thoughts on “The Last Music Class

      1. Yes they are. The things that work for me sometimes (not nearly as much as I would want) are exaggerated gestures with the simple things like swishing a box that grabs her interest and snacks – I always carry cheese sticks or a packet of veggie crisps. The only time that she would sit at one place is if she has a snack to munch on.

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  1. But now, certain comments seem not to be showing up..They seem to be registering but only a gray box shows up when I try to read them on your blog. Do you have a feature set where you have to okay comments before they appear? Just want to be sure at least you are seeing the comments..

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    1. I have it set so regular commenters can post without approval and I can see all of your comments without any problem. I checked the settings after you brought the comments issue to my attn last time and there is something about posts that are 60 days and older and the comments are disabled that I can’t figure out how to undo.


      1. When Forgottenman wakes up, I’ll ask him if he can solve the problem. He’s a nigh owl and hibernates in the day so it might take awhile. If I don’t get back to you, remind me, please..

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      2. We met on OK Cupid nine years ago.. yikes…and that was his screen name. Now it is his WP moniker as well. Nine years later, still going strong, although he lives in Missouri and I live in Mexico. Not much visiting back and forth lately, though, except online.


      3. This is what Forgottenman discovered. These are his words to me:

        Your comments on hoosier’s blog are there, but their text is the same (gray) color as the background. If you highlight like you’re going to copy them, you can then see them. No idea why they’re like that though.

        It looks like they are invisible if they’re original comments, but visible if they are comments in reply to another comment. Weird.

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