Heaven is an Apple Orchard

Heaven is an apple orchard in September on a cloudless day.

It is a moveable place of wonder kept safe by the confines of my memory.

With each fresh crunch of an apple, I return.



Velvet handcuffs

Invisible and binding

growing tighter as I shrink

Cut past flesh and bone

These bonds

oppressive and unbearable

serve as

Constant reminders of my price


the three i’s
have decided
that we will
work no longer
much to the
distress of our
dear, darling husband

finicky eaters

2 birds

Separated by sixty years
The two are practically one
She prefers her Jello green
While his Heineken must be cold
Neither eat real food
And yet they both have energy
to be constantly
Charming and cantankerous
Indulged and indulgent

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