In Solitary

A single tear fell
And slowly rolled
Across her face
Cold by its journey’s end

Another Fall

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His eyes were dark like mine.

I remembered just today,

Jarred by the bright oranges and reds of the changing leaves.

Human in June

The warm, summer breeze awakens dormant senses,
Shriveled and dying, almost too weak for life.

Fresh air flows through the lungs and sun warms the skin,
The smell of flowers and grass, soil and rain mix together.
And the senses remember.

Vision sharpens to see the bright, red cardinal perched on limb,
a blackbird trills in the distance, honeysuckle and lilac perfume the air.
Rain falls, clean and cool.

Sweat mixes with the rain and streaks down a dirty face
Exhausted and filled with a peaceful clarity.


Afraid to stay too long

I fear your manipulating neediness

Will seep into my bright red coat.

I lean against the wall and try not to breathe

In the smoky smells of poverty, addiction, and desperation.

It is dark in this place but I see you

Sitting there wanting me to stay.   


New doc

same problem

real exam and more tests

thoughtful listening 

new discovery

confirmed suspicions

treatment and vindication

at last 




the sound of his brushing teeth grew closer

swish, swish, swish

with my eyes shut tight, I methodically brushed my own

and waited for the splat of his foamy toothpaste and saliva to hit the sink

They were warned

She’s the one  


The energy drainer, the no-filter-can’t-restrain-her, the perpetual blamer

She’s mastered the art of manipulation with more skills and a greater will

Than an athlete in the Sochi Olympics


She navigates people like a boat at top speed

Flying from wave to wave, through the water   

There’s no looking back, only forward

To the next wave


Those in her wake are left exhausted and confused

Only clear that she was the one

They were meant to avoid